T8 LED Glass Tube Cool White, 220V 18W Double End Connection 3.94ft

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Power Comsuption 18 W
Working Current 82 mA
Input Voltage 100-220 Vac
Color Cool White   
CCT 6000-6500 ºK
CRI >70 Ra
Luminous Flux 1600 lm
Luminous Efficacy 90 lm/W
Beam Angle 200 °
Dimmable? No   
IP Protection Grade IP54   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Installment Surface or Hanging   
Flexible? No   
Material Glass   
Connection Type Both Ends   
Power Factor 0,5   
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature -4 ~ 122 °F
Socket Type G13   
Lamp´s Diameter 2.6 in
Length 47,24 in
Weight 7,76 oz
Lifespan 30000 h
Safety Standard CE RoHS   

enlightened IMPORTANT NOTICE: 

“These tubes are not designed to be immediate replacements of fluorescent tubes without additional modification to its internal wiring. In order to use this tube it is necessary to have a new connection or base for a new luminaire; or modify the existing one.”


The new DEMASLED Cool White (6,500°K) 18W LED T8 tube brings ease and simplicity to your lighting project. T8 Tubes are the ideal alternative to standard fluorescent tubes to maximize value over lifetime with high energy saving and lower maintenance costs, T8 LED bulbs use less energy and last longer than traditional fluorescent tubes.

Industries and commercial businesses are turning to LED as the lighting source for their workplaces and warehouses over traditional linear fluorescent lights. LED lighting has the potential to minimize your maintenance and replacement costs while keeping your business perfectly illuminated with innovative high quality lighting.

Our Ballast Bypass tubes, also known as direct wire tubes, do not require ballasts and operate directly off the fixture's line voltage. The ballast is removed during installation, widely reducing maintenance costs, and the fixture is rewired depending on the tube's operation. Single-ended (one end connection) tubes only require power on one end and non-shunted sockets, while double-ended (connection on both ends) tubes need to be powered on both ends and can be used with either shunted or non-shunted sockets.



enlightened Efficiency & Reliability: LED T8 tubes are up to 80% more efficient than a standard T8 or TL-D fluorescent tube. Unlike traditional fluorescent tubes, LED lighting emits no irritating background hum, does not flicker and reaches its full brightness instantly. 

enlightened High Quality Color: DEMASLED´s LED T8 tubes produce quality light with a high color rendering of >80 so colors are represented accurately, and with a color temperature of 6.500°K (Cool White) providing 1.600 lumens in order to suit the needs of your business. No flicker, glare or warm-up time

enlightened Eco-Friendly: By switching to our LED T8 tubes, you are helping to ensure a greener environment, as they are a mercury-free alternative to traditional tubes.

enlightened Wide Applications: cellars, stairways, garages, corridors, offices, health/residential care, car parks, shops, warehouses, garages, cold storage, supply rooms, etc.



■ Removable & Rotatable end-cap

■ Special circuit design, each LED works separately, avoiding single LED fails to affect other LEDs

■ Special structure design with excellent heat dissipation.

■ Isolated driver PF >0.5


What is the difference between T8 and T5 LED tubes?

Dimension: T5 LED tube is thinner than T8 LED tube, one “ T” equals the length of 1/8 inch, meaning that ONE t8 is equal to one inch, therefor, a T5 LED tube diameter is 5/8 inch.

Calculated as : 

T is the code of diameter , T = 1/8 inch

T8 diameter = T * 8 = 1 inch= 26mm

T5 diameter = T * 5 = 5/8 inch= 16mm

LED Tube Light Brightness: If your project requires high intensity or bright lights, T8 LED tubes are the best option given that T8 LED tube lights are usually brighter  than T5 tubes. T5 LED  tube lights are ideal if you wish to create a darker or less brighter lighting environment.

LED Tube light Application: T8 LED tube lights are best suitable for commercial areas, such as schools, warehouses, hospitals and parking lots etc. And  T5 LED tubes are widely used for home decor, such as living rooms, kitchens, halls, etc.

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