Light and Motion Sensor, 1200W 5-2,000Lux, 10s-7min, IP54

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Working Current 8 A
Output Power 1200 W
Input Voltage 220-240 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Sensor Type Motion Sensor PIR   
Adjustable? Yes   
Detection Angle 180 °
Sensing Distance 6.56-39.37 ft
Ignition Time 8-600 s
IP Protection Grade IP54   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Operating Temperature -40~104 °F
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Material ABS   
Casing Color Black   
ON / OFF Switch? No   
Mounting Height 70,86-98,42 ft
Weight 6,49 oz

This light and motion sensor is a kind of energy-saving automatic light switch, which can automatically identify day and night. Infrared pyroelectric sensor, integrated circuit chip, SMT production, stable and reliable performance. When someone enters the detection range of this product and triggers its action, the infrared sensor works to light the lamp. When the person leaves the detection range, the lamp automatically goes out.



enlightened Motion Sensor: It can automatically identify day and night, and the ambient illumination can be freely selected so that it can be automatically operated at night and closed during the day, and users can adjust by themselves.

enlightened Wide Range: The detection distance is adjustable, between 6.56 and 39.37ft | 2 and 12m, and can be adjusted according to the place of use.

enlightened Adjustable Luminous Flux: The lighting time is adjustable, between 5 > 2,000 Lux, which can be adjusted by users according to local conditions or needs. The lighting time is automatically overwritten. If someone is active in the detection area when the light is on, the lighting time will be retimed after each signal detection and the lighting time will be automatically extended.

enlightened Multiple installations: It can be equipped with a junction box, connection bayonet, 16mm, or  14mm threaded connector according to the customer's needs.



  • Avoid installation in the area with direct sunlight, significant airflow, and temperature changes.
  • Do not touch the detection window with sharp or coarse contaminants

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