IF, Indoor Mini Motion Sensor with Timer for LED Strips,DC 5-24V 36W

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Output Power 5V-7.5 | 12V-18 | 24V-36 W
Input Voltage 5-24 Vdc
Sensor Type Motion Sensor PIR   
Color Mono   
Ignition Time 30 s
Sensing Distance 0,26 ft
Adjustable? No   
Use Indoor   
Length 1,97 in
Height 0,04 in

The Mini Infrared Motion Sensor for LED Stripsfeatures hands-free control for your tape light fixtures. The LED motion sensor operates on either 5- or 24-volt systems to match whichever type of tape light you choose.

While this proximity switch is perfect for applications that require high hygiene standards, such as laboratories and hospitals, it can also be used in a bathroom, where turning the light on with wet hands is usually avoided, on closets or kitchen cabinets when you don`t want to turn on the switch, just by moving near the installed sensor, it will detect the motion and light up your preferred ambiance.


enlightened Motion Sensor System: Automatically turns on when motion is detected and turns off after you leave about 30s.

enlightened Range:Its range covers up to approximately 3.14 inches (8 cm)

enlightened Where to use it:suitable for a variety of LED applications such as furniture, ambient lighting, ambient intelligence, automotive, assisted living, and more. Thanks to the small size, this controller can be placed in any LED strip profile.

enlightened Easy to Install:In order to install it, you just need to use any resistant glue of your choosing and glue it to the LED Strip.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 14/06/24.