1500mm T-Strip for 2 LED Tubes wired for 2 side output

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IP Protection Grade IP20   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Material Aluminum   
Casing Color White   
Flexible? No   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
screw holder? Yes   
Connection Type on both ends / sides   
Length 59,05 in
Width 2,36 in
Height 0,79 in

The T8 tubes bring ease and simplicity to lighting projects. T8 Tubes are the ideal alternative to standard fluorescent tubes to maximize value over a lifetime with high energy saving and lower maintenance costs, T8 LED bulbs to use less energy and last longer than traditional fluorescent tubes.

The T-Strip for 2 LED Tubes is made of resistant and light aluminum, maintenance-free, and easy to install. Its construction in solid materials makes it resistant to shocks and vibrations, allowing it to be used in public spaces without risk of breakage or accidental falls. In addition, it does not cause radio frequency interference or generate annoying noise, does not generate flicker or intermittence, and does not contain dangerous chemicals or contaminants. It is ideal for replacing old tubes, providing similar or higher light output with high brightness and energy efficiency. It is used to illuminate large spaces such as warehouses, schools, and classrooms.

Our Ballast Bypass tubes, also known as direct wire tubes, do not require ballasts and operate directly off the fixture's line voltage. The ballast is removed during installation, widely reducing maintenance costs, and the fixture is rewired depending on the tube's operation. Single-ended (one end connection) tubes only require power on one end and non-shunted sockets, while double-ended (connection on both ends) tubes need to be powered on both ends and can be used with either shunted or non-shunted sockets.

Industries and commercial businesses are turning to LED as the lighting source for their workplaces and warehouses over traditional linear fluorescent lights. LED lighting has the potential to minimize your maintenance and replacement costs while keeping your business perfectly illuminated with innovative high-quality lighting.

This product does NOT include LED Tubes.

If you want to place only 1 LED Tube, we recommend checking out our T-Shaped strips for 1 LED Tube.


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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/07/24.