• FLAT  Black Aluminum Profile 17x7mm, Milky Cover, 6.56Ft.

FLAT Black Aluminum Profile 17x7mm, Milky Cover, 6.56Ft.

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Flat Shape Milky Cover Aluminum Profile for LED Strips, Our Recessed and surface LED lighting extrusion range offers a versatile, modern and effective lighting solution for many different applications. Flush mounted profiles are an attractive option where you don't want to see the LED light fixture. 

The aluminum profiles are ideal for protecting the LED rigid and flexible strips from dust and humidity; they are suitable for Kitchen Lighting, Under Cabinet Lighting, Under Counter Lighting, retail store shelf lighting, floors, stairs, wall or ceiling accent LED lighting and much more. 


Per-Cut- Service: For small projects, please contact us before placing your order to discuss shipping details at (786) 520-3320 or through our email

■ Free cut: our free cut to length on the aluminum channels of 2 mt, is one of the best services since it guarantees the safety of the product during the shipping service, this is a special cut on a specific way to ensure that the extrusion will arrive in optimum conditions.

■ Custom cut: our custom cut service ensures that the extrusion profiles being created are tailored to how you want them. We can cut your profile edge from 5 to 180 degrees, according to your needs.



enlightened Perfect shield for LED strips: Not only does the aluminum channel system provide better heat dissipation for strip LEDs, but it also provides great protection for delicate LED strip lights.

enlightened Versatile & easy installation: The installation can be easily and professionally finished with accessories such as aluminum end caps  (the profile does NOT include caps or clips. The clips are sold separately).

enlightened Neon effect: The milky white cover provides a well diffused light that is comparable to neon effect for LED strip lights, ideal for decorative and accent lighting

enlightened Multiple applications: Achieve under-cabinet and back splash lighting, accent and back lighting with ease. Light up narrow-small places using this aluminum channel. Ideal for display cabinets and on exhibition stands where one does not want to see the LED light fixture.

enlightened Diffuse: Milky white cover diffuses LED strip lights, rending a softer, more uniform light, ideal for decorative and accent lighting. The wide diffuser does not distort the angle of light rays. The larger amount of aluminum assures a perfect heat dissipation for LEDs and gives a modern effect. 



■ Slim linear profile accepts width up to 0.47 in / 12 mm LED Strips, such as 3528, 5050 & 5630 LED strips, simply stick the LED strip light's adhesive backing inside the aluminum channel, snap on the diffuser cover. 

■ Rigidly build anodized aluminum material, better heat dissipation, providing great protect for delicate LED strip lights

This aluminum channel is extendable and sold by meters. You can add as many meters as you need and connect them together effortlessly.

Height 8.4 in
Width 17.5 in
Length 6.56 ft
Flexible? No   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Material Aluminum   
Cover Milky White   
Finish Anodized Coating   
Casing Color Black   
Weight (oz) 8.81 oz
* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 20/10/20.