LED SMD3528 3.2V 0.06W 20mA, Yellow 595nm, 200mcd

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Working Current 20 mA
Power Comsuption 0,06 W
Color Yellow   
Wavelength (±5nm) 585-595 nm
Luminous Flux per Chip 200 mcd
Beam Angle 120 °
Dimmable? Yes   
Operating Temperature -4 ~ 104 °F
Storage Temperature 5 ~ 30 °F
LED Type SMD3528   
Number of LEDs 1 LEDs
Safety Standard RoHS   
Lifespan 30000 h

LEDs are designated by four-digit codes such as 3528, 5050, 5060, and 2835. The first two digits refer to the width of the chip, while the last two digits refer to its length, in tenths of a millimeter. So, a 3528 LED, for example, has a width of 3.5 mm, and a length of 2.8 mm.

The abbreviation “SMD” preceding these numbers refers to a 'Surface Mounted Device'.



enlightened DEMASLED´s yellow (595nm) )SMD 3528 chip has a low power consumption of 0.06W per chip, they provide between 200mcd per chip and a 120° beam angle. Both of these aspects are ideal for creating the perfect soft and decor light settings.

enlightened They are generally used for accent lighting, such as backlighting your TV, above kitchen cabinets, around the crown molding below the ceiling, and for home ambiance where high brightness is not desired in order to create a homey and soft lighting effect.


Tips before buying:

yes If you wish to compare LED strip lighting between different suppliers, if the strips are using the same chips, look at how many LEDs are on the strip and the lumen´s output to determine brightness.  Pay attention to how many LEDs there are per foot or meter. 

yes When searching for bright LED strip lights, make sure you compare same technical and quality parameters, not all LED strips are made in the same way and with the same data specs.

yes If you have doubts about the LED chips you need for your projects, please contact our FREE TECH SUPPORT TEAM.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/07/24.