Single Color Mini Dimmer, DC Plug 5.5x2.1mm, 5-24V 4A 20-96W

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Output Power 5V-30 | 12V-72 | 24V-144 W
Max. Output Current 6 A
Input Voltage 5-12-24 Vdc
Power Comsuption <0.5 W
Output Channel 1   
Dimmable? Yes   
LED Type Monochrome   
Material ABS   
Casing Color White   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Tactile? No   
Connection Type Plug Jack Macho y Hembra   
LED Indicator No   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Operating Temperature -4 ~ 140 °F
Length 1,58 in
Width 0,47 in
Height 0,2 in
Weight 0,39 oz
Safety Standard CE/ ROHS   

This mini three button dimmer  is used for controlling a variety of lamps whose source of light is LED, such as, flexible strips, wall washers, modules and so on. It has an easy connection, simplicity to use and according to the customers’ needs, it has ten levels of brightness adjustment, eight monochromatic dynamic models, and it can also do a quick flash, breathing, fade in dimming, strobe, flicker and other kinds of models, with ten levels speed adjustment, large speed span.


enlightenedHow does it work?

This controller has 3 keys and power-fail memory.


  • MODE key: Switch to dynamic mode for the first time, and switch between the eight dynamic modes by pressing on the button until you get the desired mode.


  • LIGHT key: By pressing this key it will switch to static color mode, and it is also a brightness key, long press for 1 second, the brightness will increase fastly.


  • SPEED key: Also called used as an adjustment key. At dynamic mode, it's a speed key with 10 levels. At static color mode, it's a brightness key with 10 levels, turn it off after long pressing for more than 1 second. 


  • By pressing any key, it can be turned on with power-fail memory.


enlightenedWhat modes can you use?


1 Quick Flash 2 Breathing Mode
3 Fading Bright and Fading Out 4 Fading Bright and Fading Dark
5 Half Stroboflash 6 Two-thirds Stroboflash
7 A third Stroboflash 8 Flash

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