• Swimming Pool LED Light IP68, RGB 12V 18W 1.5A, D-11.7in - 29.8cm

Swimming Pool LED Light IP68, RGB 12V 18W 1.5A, D-11.7in - 29.8cm

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Swimming pool lighting has the ability to transform your outdoor space, highlighting and enhancing your swimming experience. Nowadays, LED pool lighting is a popular choice for swimming pools; LED technology has become a standard feature slowly replacing incandescent bulbs. The growing popularity of color-changing light emitting diode (LED) lighting for pools and spas is primarily due to the brilliant-lighting effects of newer LED systems.

A well-designed lighting will give you the ability to change the mood of your yard and highlight architectural features such as a waterfall, spa or a stonewall of your pool. It also offers nighttime visibility, improving your pool’s safety and extending the time of use an enjoyment of your outdoor space. The colors and visual quality are simply stronger, brighter and more appealing. Many pool owners also choose LED pool lighting because it is also a more eco-friendly option.

Our RGB LED swimming pool light gives you the ability to create visual effects to set the mood you require. Highlighting features of your pool can be achieved through the quality of light and the even, deep glow that LED lamps permit.



enlightened Energy Efficiency: Our RGB swimming pool light will save you on energy bills in the long run due to their energy-efficiency. Incandescent lights typically run from 300 to 500 watts, whereas LED bulbs use as little as 42 watts or less. With this LED swimming pool light of a low power consumption of 18W you can replace a traditional 162W incandescent light. By installing LED lights in your swimming pool, you’ll see greater savings in your electricity bills.

enlightened Greater Lifespan: LED pool lighting is durable, with well over 20,000 hours of power. High-Quality LED such as our LED swimming pool light has a durable lifespan of 50.000 hours.

enlightened Low Maintenance: With the lamps lasting for longer than other light fittings, with LED lights you will require fewer replacements as they contain tough diodes. That means, you’ll be spending more time enjoying your well-lit pool and less time maintaining it.

enlightened Visual Effects: Choose from static colors like blue, green, and red to dynamic pre-programmed light shows that enhance nighttime pools capes with rich and vibrant colors. Change the light at the touch of a button using an RGB controller (Not Included).

enlightened Various Applications: With 252 SMD 2835 high intensity LEDs and a 120° beam angle, these lights are typically used in swimming pools, fountains, ponds, aquariums and waterfalls.



■ Easy to Install: Surface Mounted, install directly on wall.

■ Very firm and reliable structure with PC material.

■ VDE approved cable can be submersible underwater.

Lifespan 50000 h
Number of LEDs 252 LEDs
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 45 °F
IP Protection Grade IP68   
Beam Angle 120 °
Material PC   
Input Voltage CD 12 Vdc
Soporte para Tornillos? Si   
Storage Temperature -25 ~ 80 °F
Diameter 11.7 in
LED Type SMD2835   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Color RGB   
Power Comsuption 18 W
Height 2.6 in
Dimmable? No   
Weight (lb) 3.4 lb
Working Current 1.5 A
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 23/10/20.