LED Emergency Light, 6LEDs, IP42, 6V 4A 6W, Cool White 6000k

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This LED Emergency Device is ideal for all types of establishments, hotels, companies, towers, shops, etc.
System operation:
1 - Connect the product to the mains and put the power key in position "|"
2 - Before first use we recommend charging the battery for 24 hours, check that the red light is on, indicating the correct connection to the electrical network.
3 - When the battery is charged and the power key in the "|" , the green light will turn on. If the key is in the "0" position, the green light will remain off regardless of the battery charge.
4 - With the ignition key in the "|" position, in the absence of electrical power, the emergency light will remain on until the electrical energy returns, or it can be turned off manually with the key in position "0" or when the battery is discharged.
5 - To test the product you can remove the energy, and check if the installation has been effective.
This emergency light kit has a sealed lead-acid battery. This type of batteries, due to their construction and technology, should not remain unloaded for a period longer than 180 days. In case this happens, you must connect the equipment to the electric power network for a period of 48 hours to recharge the battery and preserve its useful life. In case of not doing this procedure the battery loses its warranty.
Preventive Maintenance:
Every three months you should check the state of the battery of the product, placing the product in operation for at least one hour. Important to note that the battery recharge is 24 hours.
Do not perform installation next to flammable products. | Always clean with dry cloths. | Avoid turning the spotlights in 360 ° so as not to cause damage to the connection. | Do not stack materials in front of the light of the emergency lights. | Do not use the product for other purposes than for which it is intended. | The installation of the product must be carried out by qualified personnel. | Remove electrical power before installing. | This product uses a battery that has substances harmful to health and the environment. | It is not allowed to dispose of in the domestic, commercial or industrial waste, for this you must contact an accredited technical assistance for the correct recycling of the product.
Power Comsuption 6 W
Input Voltage CA 85-265 Vac
Working Current 30 mA
Color Cool White   
CCT 6000-6500 ºK
Number of LEDs 6 LEDs
Batería 6V 4000mAH Vdc
Battery Lifespan 2 h
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Casing Color White   
Length 1.02 in
Width 0.83 in
Height 0.43 in
Weight (lb) 4.03 lb
IP Protection Grade IP42   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/01/21.