Wall Bidirectional Fixture for LED GU10 Bulb, 10.23x3.54n H-5.9in

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Dimmable? No   
Socket Type GU10   
Beam Angle 60 °
Operating Temperature -4 ~ 122 °F
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 158 °F
IP Protection Grade IP54   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
screw holder? Yes   
Material Stainless Steel   
Casing Color Chrome   
Adjustable? No   
Flexible? No   
Mounting Height 6,56 ft
Length 3,54 in
Width 3.54 in
Height 10,23 in
Weight 30,34 oz
Lifespan 30000 h

A wall sconce is a modern type of lighting fixture. It's the only fixture you can install on a wall inside or outside your house, it's also one of the few fixtures that we install for different uses, and different levels of light, depending on the room.

The other lighting fixtures inside our houses are mounted either in or on the ceiling, they´re on a table or the floor. Because a wall sconce is mounted on the wall, it provides light without cluttering up the ceiling; it also doesn't take up any space on the floor and doesn't have to have a table to sit on.

In most locations, a wall sconce doesn't need to provide a lot of light, or lumens. It is perfect to illuminate any place that needs a more focused light such as displays, corridors, works of art, and any object that you want to highlight in a hotel, shopping center, or office.



enlightenedModern bidirectional design: Our bidirectional Neutral White wall sconce is perfect for décor lighting, either inside or outside your house. You will have just the right amount of brightness for multipurpose applications.

enlightenedIndoor Multipurpose lighting fixture: In a corridor or hallway, wall sconces can add both light and interest without interfering with movement. They can add more light over a breakfast nook or in a reading corner. They can be the bedside lights in a bedroom, freeing up the nightstand, or work where there isn't room for a bedside table. They can accent, and provide light for, the table in the entrance hall where we drop our keys and the mail, or for a sideboard or serving table. Wall sconces can add light to a dark corner in any room and help you make the room seem larger. In a room with a chandelier, matching wall sconces can fill in light around the sides of the room and balance the light from the chandelier.

enlightenedOutdoor Multipurpose lighting fixture: This high-quality modern outdoor LED wall lamp will be an eye-catcher on your façade. Outside Lights will provide downlight to illuminate outside doorknobs, keyholes, pathways, gardens, corridors, patios, balconies, villas, or walkways.

enlightenedWaterproof and dustproof: High-quality stainless steel material, rustproof and waterproof with a protection grade of IP54. Practical and durable with a smooth, fine beautiful round shape, it can show the mood of the environment and is suitable for multiple occasions and decor.

enlightenedInstallment tips: A wall sconce usually looks and works better if it's high enough not to be accidentally bumped. Generally between 6 and 6-1/2 feet above the floor. For some uses like knobs and keyholes lighting, bedside or breakfast tables, it might be lower; we recommend just keeping it high enough to be out of harm's way.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/07/24.