Accessories kit for installation of LED strips, tex-07-a2

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Weight 9,38 oz
Clips 15   

Our neon strip TEX-07-A2 offers high brightness and is perfect for decorating any space both at home and in shops, given that it has a gel coating that allows the strip to be sealed and they have waterproof resistance. It is perfect for architectural illumination as it provides high-performance homogeneous light, ideal for highlighting architectural perimeters and outlines. They work both indoors and outdoors with IP66 water resistance.

To achieve an easier and more professional installation, we offer high-quality accessories kits for your LED strips. This accessory kit has everything you need to install our neon TEX-07-A2 LED strip, and it includes the following:


enlightened10 End caps (5 pierced, 5 whole)

enlightened1 Glue

enlightened1 Applier cap

enlightened15 Clips (metallic)

enlightened5 Cables


It DOES NOT include the LED strip.

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