High Power LED, Yellow 595nm 170lm, 2.2-2.6V 5W 1.14A

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High power LEDs are a type of LED that has higher power and brightness. High power LEDs currently are widely applied on automobile lights, flashlights, lighting fixtures etc. Our high power LEDs offer the best solid-state light source enabling you to figure out the creative ideas about lightings.

A high power LED or high power light emitting diode, is designed in order to operate at several hundred mA (current) and a power consumption of 1W or more. Given that high power LEDs create a large amount of heat, special heat dissipation technologies are used on them.

DEMASLED`s 5W yellow (595nm) 2.2-2.6V high power LED provides 170 lumens per LED, it comes in the shape of a star with a dome attached to an insulated backing plate by two points of tin, which act as a pre-heatsink. They should be mounted on another heatsink surface to avoid high temperatures. We recommend using our Thermal Conductive Rubber to glue the LED to the Heat sink. To concentrate the light beam of these LEDs, lens adaptation is possible (30x 60° ovals, 8°, 15°, 30°, 60°)



enlightened Wide Applications: Contour lighting, stairway lighting, pendants, coves, displays and front panels, outdoor floodlights, landscape lighting, flashlights, reading lamps, security lighting, automotive applications, mobile camera phone flashes, aquarium fish tanks, wall washers, halogen bulb replacements (such as the AR111) and general decoration and entertainment light, for commercial, residential, and architectural.

enlightened Function & Reliability: These power LED stars offer an extremely high light output in an energy efficient way. The high power LED comes mounted on a special PCB star that acts to draw heat away from the LED, therefore extending its operational life. This makes them perfect for many lighting applications.

enlightened Easy Installment: It has four connectors: two positives and two negatives, which are possible to connect through soldering with a tin point. Glue it with thermal paste onto another heatsink surface to avoid high temperatures. Available wiring in three ways: Individual, Parallel or Series Configuration.

enlightened Heat Dissipation: The high-power technology will require a heatsink and metal-core printed-circuit board (MCPCB) to ensure the junction temperature is not high enough to cause a loss in efficacy, a decrease in life hours, or color degradation.

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