Flashing LED Solar Stud, Street Lighting 2.5V 2W Orange 9lm, IP65

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Power Comsuption 2 W
Battery 1.2V 800mAH NI-Mh Vdc
Luminous Flux 9 lm
Color Yellow   
Wavelength (±5nm) 595 nm
LED Type DIP 5mm   
Number of LEDs 3 LEDs
Beam Angle 60 °
Dimmable? No   
IP Protection Grade IP68   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Casing Color Grey   
Use Outdoor   
Battery Lifespan 72 h
Loading Time 72 h
Length 4,33 in
Width 3,94 in
Height 0,98 in
Weight 9.88 oz
Operating Temperature -4 ~ 158 °F
Storage Temperature -13 ~ 176 °F
Lifespan 20000 h

Solar LED road studs can keep your staff, visitors, contractors, drivers, and pedestrians safe around your worksite or public access way. Smart, safe and sustainable, surface mounted they are proven to increase nighttime visibility and provide clear and visible traffic guidance in all weather conditions.

Unlike traditional road studs, a modern solar-powered road stud light can function effectively without relying on headlights, function in severe weather conditions, and given that they use LEDs as the light source, they provide ten times greater visibility than traditional "cat eyes".

These types of road stud lights work in a good way above the road surface. Since solar-powered road stud lights are light-emitting devices, these solar road stud lights are available in the market in many different colors, such as green, red, and amber.



enlightened High Brightness: Differing from reflective road studs that have a luminous flux of about  300-400 MCD, the new LED solar road studs can achieve up to 2000 MCD. Our amber (orange) flashing mode LED solar stud, provides about 9lm per stud and provides visibility from about >875 yards | >800m. As LED solar road studs are extremely bright, they must be put much farther apart from one another, almost twice the distance when compared to cat eyes, thus lesser units are required which further reduce cost by 50%.

enlightened Cost-Effective and Sustainable: These studs have a rechargeable monocrystalline silicone battery (capacitor) and work automatically without any external power source nor do they require the huge expenditure in setting up electrical infrastructure. They can also be deployed in remote areas where electrical supply is not available or feasible, which is an economical alternative to expensive street lighting.

enlightened Dynamic Warning: Our LED flashing mode solar road studs flicker at some frequency at night providing a strong dynamic warning effect. Solar studs can not only prevent mist interference but also get rid of the dependence on car lights with further and better visual distance.

enlightened Waterproof IP68:  An excellent protection grade of IP68 ensures a dust-tight and protected from long term immersion up to a specified pressure, limited ingress protection, and can also be shown in foggy weather and twists (curves) to guide drivers safely and effectively.


How do they work?:

Solar road studs are composed of a solar panel, accumulator, LEDs, and the shell. The solar panel on the top absorbs solar energy during the daytime, which then is transformed into electrical energy and is stored inside the accumulator. At night, the electricity inside the accumulator can be automatically converted into light energy through the LEDs in order to show the path outline and guide the sight of drivers.

The road studs placed along the longitudinal markings shall always be placed at the center of the gap and shall never be upon the line segment or by the side of the line segment. If the road studs are placed on the carriageway, having a paved shoulder, it should be placed outside the shoulder side edge line and have a distance of 1.96in | 5cm from the edge line.


Choosing a color:

yes White Color: The white-colored road studs mark the traffic lanes or the middle of the road.

yes Warm White Color: These warm white-colored studs are usually placed and used in outdoor décor applications such as home décor, gardens, public parks, spaces, and more.

yes Blue Color: Usually placed in the center of the roadway and used to mark the position of the fire hydrant. They can also be used on pedestrian crossings, blue shining cat’s eyes are placed after every crosswalk.

yes Red Color: Red-colored road studs are used to mark a line that should not be crossed and mainly to highlight the left edge of the road.

yes Yellow Color: Yellow-colored road studs are deployed to indicate a line that should not be crossed with the aim to mark the central reservation of a dual carriageway or motorway. As well as indicate temporary adjustments to lane layout.

yes Green Color: These road studs are used to mark the edge of the main carriageway at lay-bys and slip roads. As well as indicate temporary adjustments to lane layout.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/07/24.