Smart House Doors and Windows Alarm Sensor, Home Security 2.4GHz

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Working Current 70-120 | 0.008 Stand By mA
Power Mode Batery   
Comunication Mode Wireless Type: 2.4 GHz Wireless Standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n   
Type of Chip TUYA   
APP Smart Life   
Compatibility iOS 8.0+ | Android 4.0+   
Operating Temperature 32 ~ 104 °F
Use Indoor   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Casing Color White   
Dimmable? No   
Number of Batteries 2   
Battery Type AAA   
Length 2,8 in
Width 0,98 in
Height 0,79 in
Lifespan 6.000 times trigger h

Technology is advancing in every step of the way, home automation is especially useful to not only control your lighting or appliances, but also as an effective security system , with its mini and stylish design, you can place it above your doors or windows, it doesn't take up any space in your house and you get notified on your smartphone every time a door or window is opened.



enlightened Push Notifications: Immediate notifications to your phone when a door or window is opened or closed and keep you informed all the time.

enlightened Alarm Alert: Whenever the sensor is triggered to open | close it will send an alarm to let you know someone is opening your door or window.

enlightened Alarm Recording: Check your records and never miss out on important information.

enlightened Device Sharing: Select “home management” in the “me” page to share your added sensors with family members so they can also monitor the status of the doors and windows when you're outside.

enlightened Low Voltage Reminder: When the battery level is low, it will remind you to replace the batteries. When replacing batteries, please choose Alkaline batteries instead of Carbon-Zinc batteries.

enlightened Offline Reminder: When the WiFi network is offline, it will remind you to check the network set up.


How does it work?

  • Download the Smart Life App from Google Play or the Apple Store, your smartphone or tablet must be Android 4.0+ or iOS 8.0+


  • Create your account with your mobile number and enter the authentication code.


  • Connect your mobile device to your WiFi router and click “+” at the upper right corner of the home screen or click “add device”, then select “contact sensor (Wi-Fi)” under “contact sensor” from “security & sensors”.


  • If your wifi router only opens 2.4GHz, enter the wifi password, if the LED indicator is not blinking rapidly, hold the reset button for about 7 seconds till the indicator blinks quickly, it will connect to the wifi router automatically.


  • If your wifi router opens both 2.4GHz and 5GHz with same name, please choose “APP Mode”, enter the wifi password, hold the reset button for about 7 seconds till indicator blinks slowly, connect your mobile to the device’s hotspot: “SmartLife-XXXX”, then click to return to App interface,it will connect to wifi router automatically and the configuration is complete. Push the back cover to close the battery compartment.


  • Peel off the adhesive tape (the adhesive tape is for one-time use only)  to mount the sensors onto the frame of your door or window or secure them with the screws. Align with the middle line of each body and make both bodies as close as possible. The gap between the two bodies is <10mm.


Note: For more information please check the User´s Manual or contact our FREE tech support team.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/07/24.