Adjustable Step-Up Module, 4-40V 80Wmax 3Amax, DC-DC

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Output Power 80 W
Output Current 3 A
Output Voltage 4-40 Vdc
Working Current 2 A
Input Voltage 3-35 Vdc
Adjustable? Yes   
Operating Temperature -40 ~ 185 °F
Length 1,46 in
Width 1,26 in
Height 0.59 in

Our new boost converter also known as “step-up converter” is a DC-to-DC power converter that amplifies the voltage while decreasing down the current from its input (power supply) to its output (load capacity). 

Boost converters or step-up converters are used in many instances from small power supplies where higher voltages may be needed to much higher power requirements.



enlightened Low & Adjustable Voltage: Its DC input voltage is 3-35V and it adjusts to a DC output voltage of 4-40V, please remember that this is a boost module, therefore,  the output voltage must be greater than the input voltage. This module uses the original Sanyo low ESR capacitor filter; you can make low ripple voltage 50mV maximum and a 20m bandwidth.

enlightened Lower Power Consumption: It's maximum output power consumption is 80W, please ensure it does not exceed 80W, keep in mind that the smaller the voltage difference between input and output voltage, the greater the load capacity it has.


What is a boost or step-up converter?

They are like a switched-mode power supply (SMPS) or a “switching power supply” containing at least a diode, a transistor and at least one energy storage element: a capacitor, inductor, or the two in combination. In other words, the boost converter is used to "step-up" an input voltage to some higher level, required by a load. This unique capability is achieved by storing energy in an inductor and releasing it to the load at a higher voltage.

For high efficiency, the boost converter must be able to be turned on and off quickly and have low losses. The key feature that drives the boost converter is the tendency of an inductor to resist changes in current by either increasing or decreasing the energy stored in the inductor magnetic field. In a boost converter, the output voltage must always be higher than the input voltage.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/07/24.