Accessories kit for installation of neon LED strips, tsmd-40-eu

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The DEMASLED strips TSMD-40-EU are easy to bend into any shape (because they are extremely flexible), encased in a UV resistant PVC coating, have a longer lifespan than other lights and are energy-saving. The LED strip lights are available with an IP65 weather-resistant rating and are safe to use in both indoor and outdoor applications. They have a wide variety of uses; the design makes it perfect for decorating any area and place like bars, homes, cars, gardens, etc.


To achieve an easier and professional installment, DEMASLED offers high-quality accessories kits for your LED strips. This accessory kit has everything you need to install our TSMD-40-eu LED strip, and it includes the following:

enlightened5 Power cables (plugs)
enlightened5 End caps
enlightened5 Connectors
enlightened10 Pins (H)
enlightened30 Clips (holders)
enlightened1 Glue

DOES NOT include the LED strip.

Weight (oz) 28.72 oz

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/01/21.