24-Key IR Controller and RGB Remote Control, 12-24V 72-144W 6A

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Number of Batteries 1   
Battery Type CR2025   
Output Power 12V-72 | 24V-144 W
Output Current 2 A
Output Current 6 A
Input Voltage 12-24 Vdc
Length 2.48 in
Width 1.38 in
Height 0,87 in
Weight 2.11 oz

This RGB controller works with a voltage of 12-24Vdc and must be connected to a DC power supply with the same voltage, it supports between 72W (12V) and 144W (24V) of power consumption and a capacity of <2A of current per channel (6A in total). If you need more load capacity an amplifier, also known as “data repeater” will be needed.

The RGB 24-key infrared controller adopts the advanced micro control unit, it is used for controlling a variety of lamps whose source of light is LED. Such as RGB flexible LED light strips, RGB  wall washers, LED RGB modules  and so on; it has many advantages such as an easy connection and simplicity to use.

Additionally, you could adjust brightness, static color choices and various dynamic changes in lighting effects through the infrared remote control. In addition this product has a short circuit protection function to make sure the load is working normally.


enlightened How does it work?

  1. Connect the load wire first, followed by the power wire; Please ensure a short circuit can not occur between the connecting wires before you turn on the power source; If it is not done carefully or accordingly the controller will not turn on, you need to check the wire attachment and power on again. If the total load you need exceeds the capacity of the controller, you may damage the item, if you are not sure on how to make the connections, please seek professional assistance or contact our free technical support team.


  1. When operating,  hold on the remote control in a straight line in  front of the infrared receiver to ensure that there is no barrier between the remote control and receiving head.


Note: Please refer to the user manual for more setting instructions.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/07/24.