Wireless Single Color Dimmer, 12-24V 360-720W 30A

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Width 2.52 in
Safety Standard CE/ ROHS   
Includes Remote Control? Included   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
LED Indicator Yes   
Battery Type A27   
Number of Batteries 1   
Control Type RF   
Material Aluminum   
Weight 4,23 oz
Connection Type Terminal Block   
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Casing Color Black   
Output Channel 1   
Height 1,02 in
Length 3.2 in
Tactile? No   
Dimmable? Yes   
Max. Output Current 30 A
Output Power 12V-360 | 24V-720 W
Input Voltage 12-24 Vdc
Frequency 433.92 MHz
LED Type Monochrome   
Operating Temperature -4 ~ 140 °F
Power Comsuption <1 W

With this frequency adjustable wireless dimmer you can achieve a ten level dimming, and you can also dim your single color lights with the controller´s dial switch and/or with its  wireless remote control. Users can adjust light to the appropriate brightness according to actual needs. The Output of the dimmer is 1 channel with a maximum load of 30A. The most interesting spec of this LED dimmer is that you can dim your single color lights by either adjusting the PWM frequency or adjusting the  dimming curve through the dial switch.


enlightenedHow does it work?

Connect the load wire at first, followed by the power wire; Please ensure a short circuit can not occur between the wires before you turn on the power.


enlightened Remote Control:

  • ON/OFF key: Short press to turn on/off the light.


  • Brightness  + : brightness increases +1 level each time is pressed.


  • Brightness - : brightness decreases -1 level each time is pressed. 


  • Matching code: Long press the ON | OFF key of the remote control to match codes within 3s after powering on. The light will flash 5 times to indicate matching code successfully. One dimmer can be controlled by 2 remote controls.


Other interesting specs:

yes When PWM frequency is 300HZ, and maximum load is 30A, the working temperature of the  controller is less than 131°F | 55°C. 

yes When PWM frequency is between 500Hz to 1KHZ, the temperature of the controller is less than 149°F | 65°C. 

yes When PWM frequency is more than 1KHZ, the maximum output power is reduced. 

yes When PWM frequency is 3KHZ, the maximum current is 20A

yes When PWM frequency is 5KHZ,the maximum current is 15A

yes When PWM frequency is 10KHZ, the maximum current is 10A.


Please refer to the User Manual for more information or contact our FREE technical support team.

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