Tin for soldering, Roll of 250gr, Diameter 0,8mm, 60/40

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Diameter 2.17 in
Width 1.18 in
Weight 8.81 oz

Tin soldering is the most used system for repairs or improvements in any electronic device since it allows making connections between different components in a circuit obtaining maximum contact security.

This roll of tin for soldering is an essential material for small soldering jobs. It has good weldability, excellent desolation performance, antioxidant and anticorrosive. Due to its dimensions, this roll is easy to transport, each roll has 250gr of material with a diameter of 0.8mm.

Used mainly in electricity and electronics, to weld parts such as circuits, electronic devices, and others.


How to use?:
enlightenedFix well all the elements to be welded: Make sure that all the elements are well-positioned, remember that when welding the pieces may move slightly.

enlightenedTake care of the temperature of the tin: Do not let the tin you are working with reach a very high melting temperature. Our solder tin has a composition of 60% tin and 40% lead, so you don't risk your parts off melting. 

enlightenedPosition the soldering iron correctly: The position of the soldering iron also influences the welding process. Place the soldering iron in a horizontal position so that most of the part is in contact.

Note: This product DOES NOT INCLUDE the soldering iron, if you are interested in purchasing one, check our htl-sol-01.

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