High Power LED GROW, Full Spectrum 4.000lm, 170-300Vac 50W

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Power Comsuption 50 W
Working Current 230 mA
Input Voltage 170-300 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Factor >0.92   
Luminous Flux 4000 lm
Luminous Efficacy 80 lm/W
CCT Full Spectrum ºK
LED Type Epistar   
Beam Angle 120 °
Dimmable? Yes   
IP Protection Grade IP65   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Operating Temperature -22 ~ 167 °F
Storage Temperature -40 ~ 185 °F
Lifespan 30000 h

DEMASLED brings a new high power for indoor plant growth, growing indoors means that you don’t have to concern yourself with changing weather conditions. Furthermore, the chances of pests and disease attacking your plants is much lower than in an outdoor garden.

When it comes to simulating natural light for plants, the light spectrum we’re aiming to achieve for our indoor growing goes on the 400nm to 700nm spectrum. Light waves of this intensity are also known as Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR). This refers to specific wavelengths that plants use for photosynthesis processes to inspire growth.


Within this PAR bandwidth, there are wavelengths plants use for specific biological functions.


From 400nm to 490nm – This wavelength produces blue light used by your plants during the vegetative state as they grow.

From: 580nm to 700nm – This “orange-red” wavelength simulates the sunlight in the later summer and early fall, signaling your plants to start fruiting or blossoming.


Our 50W growth high power LED can be used directly with a working voltage of 170-300Vac and provides 80lm/w per high power LED. They should be mounted on another heatsink surface to avoid high temperatures. We recommend using our Thermal Conductive Rubber to glue the LED to the Heat sink. 



enlightened Ideal light spectrum: Our high power LED has the wavelengths in accordance with our customer’s needs, as it provides a red wavelength (625-630nm), blue wavelength (460-470nm), an orange wavelength (610-615nm) and pink wavelength (1,400°K). Red-Orange light can promote plant germination and flowering. Blue light can promote plant growth.

enlightened Easy Installment: It has four connectors: two positives and two negatives, which are possible to connect through soldering with a tin point. Glue it with thermal paste onto another heatsink surface to avoid high temperatures. Available wiring in three ways: Individual, Parallel or Series Configuration.

enlightened Heat Dissipation: The high-power technology will require a heatsink and metal-core printed-circuit board (MCPCB) with a >1.5 thermal resistance to ensure the junction temperature is not high enough to cause a loss in efficacy, a decrease in life hours, or color degradation.

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