Optical Lens, 60 Degrees, for High Power LEDs, 10W

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Beam Angle 60 °
Diameter 1,97 in
Height 1.38 in

A LED by itself, without a lens, emits light in all directions, this may sound favorable because it means that the LED provides a wide beam angle, however, this implies that you don't get much intensity at one specific spot. These Optical Lenses for LED lights are the solution, they act by focusing or directing the light beam to a specific point and reducing the opening angle in high-power LEDs, which allows a greater concentration of light and therefore a greater depth of the beam. light.

It is a very useful accessory when using 10W LEDs. This lens comes with angled glass to focus the light beam and a metal base that mounts over the LED. They are ideal for giving specific effects and achieving a concentration of light on a specific surface.

The opening angle is 60° and has a height of 1.38in and a diameter of 1.97in at its widest part.


enlightenedAvoid contact of the LED terminals with the lens base to avoid short circuits.

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 18/05/24.