Single Color Mini Knob Dimmer, DC Jack Plug, 12-24V 24-48W 2A

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This LED dimmer is a controller that can adjust brightness, its control mode is knob-operated control, and you can adjust to the appropriate lighting brightness in accordance with your actual need. 

When you rotate button to right, brightness will get brighter, when you rotate it to the far right, the brightness will reach the greatest. Rotate button to the left, brightness will be dark, when you rotate it to the far left, the light will turn off.


enlightened How does it work?

  • To connect the load line, connect the power cord between the fronts to ensure no short circuit.


  • Use rotary control, the following functions: Turn the knob to the right, the light will gradually brighten, Turn the knob to the left, the light will gradually darken.


  • 100% dimming, no flicker, no current surges.


  • Compatible with LED lighting devices that need DC12V or 24V, 2A, or 24W (12V) ~ 48W (24V) and a power supply at DC 12V.
Output Power 5V-10 | 12V-24 | 24V-48 W
Input Voltage CD 5-12-24 Vdc
Output Current 2 A
Canales de Salida 1   
Dimmable? Yes   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
Material PC   
Casing Color White   
Tipo de Conector DC Plug   
Length 2.76 in
Width 1.58 in
Height 1.18 in
Weight (oz) 1.06 oz
Operating Temperature -20 ~ 60 °F
* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 25/01/21.