LED Driver, DC 25-36V 1 LED x 100W 3000mA, Input: AC 100-265V

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A LED driver is an electrical device that regulates power to an LED or a string of LEDs. Drivers are one alternative to Power Supplies for LED systems. Once the driver is connected to power, the output current will remain constant, and the voltage will be automatically regulated according to the LEDs connected.

Our constant current drivers provide a stable electrical current to LED lighting systems and are known for their easy installation. Also, these drivers have good performance and have a longer service life.



enlightened Usage: Ideal for the connection of High Power LEDs. This driver is used to connect 1 high power LED of 100W.

enlightened More safety: Protection of the integral short circuit, overload, and overvoltage. NO spark when it plugs in, NO getting too warm, NO need to worry about any fires, explosions or shocks occurring or harm coming to the kids and yourself.

enlightened Application: Suitable for LED lighting products such as LED grille lights, panel lights, floodlights, street lights, etc.


Protection Functions:

yes Overvoltage protection: Limits output voltage at no load in case the normal voltage limit fails.

yes Short-circuit protection: In the case of a short-circuit, this feature prevents damage to the core components of the LED driver.

yes Overload protection: If the system is oversized and requires more power from the LED driver than it can perform, this protection function is activated.



■ Once the voltage and power consumption of the installation have been defined, choose the Driver considering that it must exceed at least 20% of the total power consumed by the installation.

Place the driver within 3m of the LED installation.

Place the driver in a ventilated space, without humidity.

In case of installing the driver outdoors or in a place with high humidity or condensation, the driver must be protected against moisture (protection IP67). The rest of the components of the installation (strips, connections) must also be anti-humidity.



Do not use the product for other purposes than for which it is intended.

The installation of the product must be carried out by qualified personnel.

Remove electrical power before installing.

Output Power 100 W
Output Current 3000 mA
Output Voltage CD 25 - 36 Vdc
Input Voltage CA 100-265 Vac
Input Current 110 mA
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Power Factor 0.95   
Class II   
Dimmable? No   
Number of LEDs 1,000 LEDs
Casing Color White   
Driver Isolated   
Use Indoor / Outdoor   
IP Protection Grade IP67   
Length 6.89 in
Width 3.35 in
Height 4.5 in
Weight (oz) 23.98 oz
Operating Temperature -30 ~ 60 °F

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* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 21/01/21.