LED Diode 5x36.6mm Warm White 6-7lm 30000mcd 2.8-3.3V 100mW

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The 5mm LEDs are encapsulated in a transparent resin dome. These LEDs are well known for being the brightest within the range of high-brightness LEDs. These LEDs generate extremely bright flashes and are visible over a long distance. Ideal as an eye-catcher in a shop window or as a warning light.

The practical thing about through-hole LEDs is that they are very simple. Unlike some chips that have dozens of pins with names and special uses, LEDs have only two wires. One wire is the anode (positive) and another is the cathode (negative). LEDs only work in one direction so one goes to the positive voltage and the other goes to the negative voltage


enlightened Multiple Applications: They can be used for lighting, decoration, gifts, signage, traffic lights, flashlights, signaling devices, information panels, medical equipment, lighting of liquid crystal displays of mobile phones, calculators, PDAs, printers, bicycles, toys, lighting switches, automotive, commercial outdoor advertising, front panel indicator and general purpose.

enlightened Dimmable:Control the brightness of your lighting fixtures with these dimmable through-hole LEDs, with a wavelength and brightness of 8.000lm and 3.000°K you can ensure just the amount of lighting you desire.

Power Comsuption 0.1 W
Color Warm White   
CCT 3000-3500 ºK
Working Current 20 mA
Min. Input Voltage CD 2.8 Vdc
Max. Input Voltage 3.3 Vdc
Luminous Flux 6.5 lm
Luminous Efficacy 27 lm/W
Luminous Flux per Chip 15000 mcd
Beam Angle 30 °
Dimmable? Yes   
Diameter 0.2 in
Length 1.31 in
Weight (oz) 0.01 oz
Operating Temperature -30 ~ 80 °F
Lifespan 50000 h
* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 21/01/21.