SMD3528 LED Strip 12V 9W/m Super Warm 960 lm/m 120 LEDs/m, 16.4ft

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Our SMD 3528 super warm white LED strip is perfect for indoor illumination, offers high brightness, and is perfect for decorating any space both at home and in shops, as it provides high-performance homogeneous light, ideal for highlighting ceilings perimeters and outlines.

Designed for professionals and lighting amateurs, these LED strips are very easy to use and install. Having a wide variety of uses; the design makes it perfect for decorating any area and place like stands, displays, bars, homes, under cabinet lighting, halls, ceilings, headboards, indoor railings, etc. They can be regulated by remote controllers or dimmers and have a recessed installment using recessed aluminum profiles in order to achieve the amount of brightness desired and specific for each moment.

This LED strip has 120 LEDs per meter and 3,600 lumens per roll; we also have installment accessories available such as connectors, extension cables, controllers, power supplies, aluminum profiles, and more; ready for assembly.



enlightened Super bright lighting: it's a high-quality super warm white strip with four times the amount of LEDs per roll compared to traditional 300 LEDs rolls, this super bright LED strip has 600 LEDs (per roll of 16.40ft | 5m) and reliability; this LED strip light provides illumination while maintaining cost-effectiveness through low power consumption.

enlightened Adhesive backing & flexibility: featuring a peel-and-stick self-adhesive tape and the flexibility of the strip allows you to install your LED strip on any given smooth and clean surface.

enlightened Cuttable: the light strip is manufactured to be cut to any desired length up to 16.4ft | 5m without losing functionality. It can be cut into segments of 3 LEDs (0.79in | 2cm) at the marked sections and assembled by simple soldering or you can use our connectors for easy installation.

enlightened Where to use it? With its 120-degree wide-angle illumination, smooth and even light spread, it is ideal for home and business lighting decoration providing a linear or perimeter effect. It provides high brightness, with low power consumption and with a 50,000+ hour’s long lifespan.



This product must ONLY be used with a DC 12V power supply.

The voltage or supply voltage of the source must be equal to the supply voltage of the LED strip. If it is lower, the intensity of the LED strip will be lower than it should and if it is higher, you can get to burn the LED strip.

Remember that depending on the number of strips you need to install, and in case you need the installation of a dimmer or controller, it will determine the type of power supply required, and additionally, the use of amplifiers will be necessary.

The amperage or power current can be equal to or higher than the power current of the LED strip. If it is lower, the LED strip will not give the corresponding light and could damage the power supply. If it is higher, nothing will happen because the LED strip will take whatever it needs.

If you want to use dimmers to regulate the light intensity or controllers to choose the color tone, it is necessary the use of amplifiers. Please contact us to provide the best possible assistance for your project.



DO NOT expose this strip to sunlight because of UV damages.

DO NOT bend this LED strip on a ratio under 0.79in | 2cm.

DO NOT bend it in a horizontal plane.

■ All of the above can damage the LED strip and NULLIFY THE GUARANTEE.

Power Comsuption per Meter 9 W/m
Power Comsuption 45 W
Input Voltage CD 12 Vdc
Luminous Flux per meter 960 lm/m
Luminous Flux 4800 lm
Working Current per meter 0.75 A/m
Color Neutral White   
CCT 4000 ºK
CRI >70 Ra
Luminous Efficacy 106 lm/W
IP Protection Grade IP33   
Beam Angle 120 °
LED Type SMD3528   
LEDs per meter 120 LEDs
Number of LEDs 600 LEDs
Dimmable? Yes   
Lifespan 30000 h
Operating Temperature -13 ~ 140 °F
Storage Temperature -13 ~ 158 °F
Length 16,41 ft
Width 0,2 in
Height 0.04 in
Weight (oz) 2.47 oz
Flexible? Yes   
Use Indoor   
Warranty 24 months
* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 09/03/21.