Mounting Clips for 110V SMD5050 LED Strips, ideal for our tsmd-26

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New design makes strip light installation more conveniently!

These plastic mounting clips are made to use with our Outdoor 110V LED Strip Lights. Use to secure your LED Strip Lights to any drill-able surface.

Silicone fastener clips are used for attaching LED strips to a surface. They are constructed of flexible translucent white silicone. The inside measurement is approximately 10mm and 12mm. The clips fit nicely over 10mm waterproof and silicone jacketed Tube LED strips.

These are recommended for installations where the strips need to be mounted from behind and for attaching to wood surfaces.


enlightened Easy to install: The new generation clips make your strip light installation easier. Equipped with automatic screw, can directly fix the mounting bracket to the wall or wood ware with screwdriver, no need to drill a hole first.

enlightened No Replacements: Easy to maintain, one side fixed, and the other side is more convenient to change or maintain strip light freely. Easy to fix by one screw for each clip. The other side is firm under fixing and the unfixed side is convenient to take down the LED strip light freely when replace or maintain it.

enlightened Wide Applications: No matter for any outdoor soft light setting or indoor rope light sorting out like hanging some cat network cable, TV cable and HDMI cable, they are quick and excellent to work with and hold the rope lights much more securely. Perfect application for mounting the lights at any outdoor such as patio, big event and party etc. Alternatively, at sorting out indoor rope lights, maintaining alignment of the LED bulbs.

* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 15/04/21.