• Switch Wireless Dimming Receiver Controller 100W 1A 200-240VAC

Switch Wireless Dimming Receiver Controller 100W 1A 200-240VAC

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Technology is advancing in every step of the way, Wireless technology is especially useful in remodeling and retrofit projects, or when where cutting through walls is especially hard, like in a log or adobe homes. No Battery, No Switch-Wiring & No Wi-Fi Required - Innovative Kinetic Energy Technology to produce electricity, switch can be installed wherever without running additional wires; No need to connect Wi-Fi, Works with Radio Frequency - Save on material cost & labor fee! Eco-Friendly.



☼ Dimmable – With this receiver, you can now control de the brightness of you lights through your smart phone! Control and dim up to 10 lights at the same time throughout your house or a single ambience or room.

☼ Secure RF Wireless Signal - Encrypted RF Wireless signal can go through walls without interference problems, unique communication code between switch and receiver; 25M indoor use, outdoor up to 80M coverage distance.

☼ How do they work? It is compatible with our One Button Kinetic Switch or our Two Button Kinetic SwitchThere´s a switch placed on an interior generator, when you turn on the switch which provides kinetic energy. The signal is then transmitted to the receiver which sends the on /off signal to the lighting fixture or lamp. The noise is very low; it will be not affect your ambience in any way once is turned on. 

☼ Compatible with Smart Home Apps - You can now be use any of our Kinetic Switches to manually turn on/off any of your lights or be innovative and become a part of the smart´s home apps experience by controlling your lights with Google Home Apps or ALEXA. The receiver works with or without Wi-Fi, it receives the signal  from the kinetic switch, with the trending ALEXA smart home´s app, with just as trending Google Home´s app and even with Google´s Assistant for voice recognition.

☼ Designed to fit into any decor - Small size receiver (connect to lights or other loads) fits limited space, such as electrical junction box, lights canopy, recessed box, existing switch box, hidden in ceiling or surface mounting, etc.The wall switch is Self-Powered and can be used with any light; halogen, incandescent, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED lighting, etc.

☼ Safe & Easy to Install - Self-protected & Fused (5A, Max load). Only two easy steps for installation & pairing! This receiver is CE Certified (European Commission Mark) which verifies that it meets with all the European safety standards and the authorized circulation of these products within and out of Europe. It also applies with RoHS Compliance, which certifies the restriction of Hazardous Substances (like the restriction of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, among others).

☼ Long Lifespan & Flexible Coding – With a 100,000 times endurance test approved you can have a switch control for multiple lights (2 Button – Kinetic Light Switch) or multiple switches control one light (1 Button – Kinetic Light Switch), or install up to 4 of our receivers to have like 1-2 way, 3-way (intermediate), multi-ways switch.


Power Comsuption 100 W
Soporte para Tornillos? Si   
Compatibilidad Amazon ALEXA | Goole Home | IFTTT   
Use Indoor   
Dimmable? Yes   
Length 9.5 in
Input Voltage CA 200-240 Vac
Material ABS V0 Fireproof   
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Installment Surface / Flush Mounted   
Casing Color White   
Width 2.76 in
Working Current 1 A
Height 4 in
* Prices do not include TAX. ** All prices updated to 28/10/20.